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                         Ellen Rodriguez, Certified Personal Trainer

Ellen at the Pebble Beach 1st tee

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"Fitness should be fun!

Personal Training should be personal!"

Ellen has two inner loop location . Her private studio is near Memorial Park, plus you can see her at the River Oaks gym, 1937 W. Gray (in the Musee carpet building).

Ellen ha been helping individuals achieve their fitness goals for over 10 years.

• Strength Training With Gym Equipment, Large Exerballs, Free Weights, and the most current training aids

• Golf Flexibility and Strength Conditioning (not golf swing lessons, but we do know a PGA professional)! 

• Prenatal and Postpartum exercise

• Weight Loss and Weight Management

• Pilates Mat and Core Strength Training

• Flexibility Training

                                                     Ellen's background

"Since 1978, I have been a runner and have completed multiple marathons and four ultra marathons, my first 26.2 mile marathon being in 1991. In 2000, I began to focus on competing in shorter distances (5K to 10K), and with instruction from Tom Tellez (former University of Houston and Carl Lewis' Coach), I started winning age group awards -- but we're not saying which age group! I enjoy being a member of the Al Lawrence running club and the Houston Area Road Runners Association (HARRA). I have recently been running with Power in Motion (PIM) which is affiliated with HARRA.

With a gentle push from my long-time friend, Carl Lewis (Olympic Champion and Author of "One More Victory Lap" (1996), I began organized strength training in 2001 in an effort to help other runners improve their performance, as well as help other individuals meet their strength and weight loss goals.  I became a certified personal trainer with ACE (American Council on Exercise), and P.F.I.T. in association with the American College of Integrative Medicine.

I also went on to get certified as a Pilates Mat instructor by Powerhouse Pilates, and as a Sports Conditioning Specialist by the International Fitness Professionals Association (IFPA). I am also a Golf Conditioning Specialist with the IFPA.  As a member of Aquatic Exercise Association (AEA), and  IDEA Health and Fitness Association, my areas of expertise have also been expanded.

Personally, my workouts include running, bicycle spinning, strength training and pilates. You may even see me practicing at the Memorial Park Golf driving range! And one of my proudest achievements is being a lifetime member of Weight Watchers. It is one of the easiest programs to follow and it worked well for me. With my clients, I strive to understand where they are and where they want to go and customize their fitness program so they meet and exceed their ultimate goals."


"... I'm also THRILLED with the progress we've been making! Everyone has noticed the change and when I weighed myself on my body fat analyzing scale, my body fat was the lowest it has ever been!!! ... Maybe someday I'll be your poster child."      

 Traci D.

"I am really excited about the improvements I have seen in my cycling since I have increased my workouts from once a week to 3 times a week. I can now keep up with the fast riders and also have the ability to sprint when I need to. It is so nice to not be at the back anymore! I shared with Ellen my goals and my workouts with her are  tailored toward these." Leslie K.

"When I was looking for a trainer, the thing that stood out for me about Ellen was that she was a Weight Watchers Lifetime Member. I knew she understood the struggles of weight loss. As I started working out with Ellen, we set goals together and achieved them. One year after becoming a Weight Watchers Lifetime Member myself, I am still working out with Ellen. Our goals are now more focused on performance (5k times!) rather than weight loss (over 35 pounds lost!).  Thank you Ellen for helping me to achieve my goals! "  Ashley F.

I've been training with Ellen for six years. I first recruited her to help me get in shape for my wedding and, after seeing the transformation in my body, I've stayed with her. I'm always getting compliments on my toned arms, and I love it! The best part about Ellen is that she always comes up with new ideas for workouts and is very willing to adapt to my needs. She is a great motivator and sets a wonderful example of a healthy lifestyle. THANK YOU for all you do!   Sandy L.

At 62, I am improving my stamina, strength, coordination, balance, and flexibility. Ellen Rodriguez set me on this path about four years ago. I find Ellen's training sessions unique and interesting. We repeat exercises but never and entire workout. Ellen's approach balances concern for the realities of my age with real physical challenges, challenges that I am proud of accomplishing.

I am enjoying it!  Tom J.      

Ellen's enthusiasm is infectious!  John W. Mecom, Jr.                 

I want to tell you how much I appreciate the work that you did with me.  It is amazing that it has awakened my muscle memory. I rode Wednesday and Thursday.  I already noticed a marked improvement in my connection with my horse, Tippy.  In fact last night I gave a loud hoot when she made a smooth long sliding stop (the first in a very long time).  I will ride today and show her Saturday and Sunday at Great Southwest Equestrian Center.  I know that your Pilates exercises woke my core and legs. The exercises are working (and I am feeling it in my thighs and stomach, ouch!).  It's great.    Gerry W.

I am a 26 year old mom of 2 children under the age of 3.  I started training with Ellen to loose my baby weight when my daughter was 6 months old (about 7 months ago).  I was 176 lbs and always had problems with my knees which limited me when it came to working out and running.  I have lost 25 lbs (*and still loosing) and have never felt better about myself!  I am always getting compliments and I have more energy to devote to my family - which is much needed!  Not only has Ellen helped me accomplish a much desired goal but she has also helped me develop a healthy lifestyle (nutrition, wellness, stretching, etc. - you name it).  I have never been one of those who love, let alone like working out - but now I get excited just thinking about it!  With Ellen the possibilities are endless and she has done a great job keeping me encouraged throughout this process.  I have never been a runner but now we are focusing on my first 5k race!!!  Thank you Ellen - for changing my life and helping me develop a desire to live a healthy lifestyle.  Needless to say my husband is very grateful too.  Tanisha C.

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