COVID-19 Protocol & Home made mask


Our commitment to you regarding COVID-19

Our  ongoing commitment to help you does not change, but since the  appearance of COVID-19 (Corona virus), things have changed for all of us. 

What we are changing

We  have studied and discussed the latest information regarding COVID-19 and have  modified our office protocols to maximize your safety while still  providing focused, effective relief from tight muscle concerns. 

What we are doing

1. We will wash our hands before and after seeing every client.

2. We will wear a face mask while we work on you. See "how to make a face mask" video below.

3. We will clean the face cradles with alcohol after every client.

4. We will clean the office door handles with Clorox wipes after every client.

5. We will follow the new suggestion to "wash your hands and don't touch your face."

6. We will use a UV light wand to keep the computer keyboard and credit card machine clean.

7. If we feel sick, we will self-quarantine. 

8. Our office building management is cleaning the building door handles and lobby on a more frequent basis.

9. Everyone knows this is a "fluid" situation. We will continue to study and modify as needed.

What you can do

1. Please wash your hands before receiving therapy.

2. If you are feeling sick, or presenting with symptoms, please self-quarantine and re-schedule your therapy session.

3. Make your own mask. See video below.

More information

1. We will keep abreast of the latest developments in this situation.

2. Here is a 5 minute video describing the virus and what we can all do: 

How to make your own face mask

Wearing a face mask can help, especially in preventing YOU from dispersing moisture droplets if you sneeze or cough. A face mask will also inhibit you from touching your face, which is VERY important because the Coronavirus needs our help to get inside us. Here is a video which shows how you can make your own mask using a few items almost everyone has at home: 

(a) a kitchen paper towel (b) a stapler (c) rubber bands, and (d) a paper clip. Hope this helps!

Disclaimer: This is not an "N" rated mask; it is only to help you feel safer by protecting your cough or sneeze in public and by preventing you from touching your own face or nose.

Home made face mask

John's mask - click on photo for link