Out calls and corporate chair massage by Massage Therapy Houston

Reduced stress equals more productivity!

Do your like therapy in the comfort of your own home? Do you want to show some appreciation to your office staff?  Please check our zip code list below to see our availability and rates. Due to  travel time, we can't set out call or corporate massage therapy via the  online scheduler. Please call the office of Massage Therapy Houston to arrange out call massage therapy or Neuromuscular Therapy Houston.

Our minimum time for out calls is one hour, but  for corporate  massage therapy we usually work on several people per hour (often in 15 to 30 minutes segments). PLUS, our Neuromuscular Therapy uses no oils. That  means your employees won't need a shower and can return to work right  away! 


Please note: We only accept credit cards or checks for out call therapy.

No cash payments accepted for out calls.

No online scheduling for out calls. (We need to add in travel time.) 
Please call the office 713-861-2411

Out call massage therapy and Corporate rates:


$110 per hour

zip codes 77007, 77008, 77019


$120 per hour

zip codes 77006, 77027, 77098


$130 per hour

zip codes 77056, 77057, 77401, 77005, 77002, 77024 (East of Voss)


Call Massage Therapy Houston (Neuromuscular Massage Houston) 


Video about corporate (clothes on) massage. Click on photo.

Video about corporate (clothes on) massage. Click on photo.