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"Hi John, I have never felt so relaxed as I did leaving your office last  night. I almost forgot to pay you, forgot the errand I needed to run on  the way home. I was in another world! I have sent your information to  two friends of mine with back issues along with a very high  recommendation! See you soon! Missy T."


"Mr. John Rodriguez has been providing massage therapy for my wife and  me for approximately twenty five years. During this time (his associates),  have also occasionally provided us this service. All of them have been  professional, courteous and proficient in performing their services.  Both John and (his associates) have been responsive with appropriate  therapy as our needs have changed from time to time.We have been happy  to refer a number of friends to both John and (his associates). All of  those so referred have expressed their satisfaction with their positive  results."      - Drew R


"John Rodriguez began doing neuromuscular massage therapy on my  family almost thirty years ago. During that time span, he has helped my  daughter with a back problem, and both my wife and myself with problems  ranging from the neck, shoulder, and the lower back area." - Duncan D


"When I first began to receive Neuromuscular  Therapy from John Rodriguez in January, 2002, I was experiencing chronic  pain in my left shoulder and back, and in my left leg...In this short  time I can feel an improvement in both areas, and having worked with  many other massage therapists, ...I can attest to John Rodriguez'  impeccable professionalism." - Francoise D.


"I have known John Rodriguez as a neuromuscular massage therapist for over twenty years. During that time I have sent a number of patients  and friends to John's office to receive therapy. During follow up  examinations in my own office, I have seen that John has helped the  patients I referred to him. I think he tries to conscientiously apply  the techniques of massage therapy to helping the individuals he  treats."                        - Dr. Richard E


"Dear John: Believe it or not, I was able to play  golf the afternoon after my treatment from you, although I will admit  that my back was very stiff and sore. Two days later I was 80% well, and  now I am 100%. Thanks for your neuromuscular treatment.  Yours very  truly, William B, Esq."


"Dear John: Words really cannot express how thankful I am for what  you have done for me. Before yesterday, I did not think that your  specialty would help me, but I decided it couldn't hurt to try. So  today, I am astounded to tell you the amount of pain that has been  relieved from my chest, I can breathe without my heart hurting, and  there is no longer any pain in my arm. Thank you so much, you have made  me smile again. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, and Jake really thanks  you, I am not much fun to work with when I am in pain." Amy R.

"John, Thanks for your professional help. The back feels better and is not tight in
the area I complained about.  I wanted to get to the golf course on Saturday,
but the rain stopped that plan.  I'm still doing my 40 plus minutes of
stretching exercises every day. The soreness has not returned and it is day 3 since the treatment." Jack I.


"John, Oh gosh, I got more relief than I ever  expected from yesterday. John, I usually stumble when I get out of bed  and this morning, everything was working! I think Maria and Liz are  going to make appointments...They are people I work out with!" Donna D-K


John's technique is  unlike anything I'd ever experienced on the road to recovery from  surgery- It was like magic to the muscles and I highly recommend his  brilliant work.It's always an hour of neuro-nirvana. Bravo, John!  Thanks. ~Dene A.~



Thank you so much for your notes, and even more so, thank you so much for the therapy. I could not have progressed and healed to a functional degree if not for your incredible knowledge and abilities.

Kindest regards,

Dion L.


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